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Online Giving- Are you on board yet?

Are you accepting online donations yet? There are a number of services out there that can make it fairly painless to offer that big "Donate Now" button on your website. Companies such as JustGive and NetworkForGood offer relatively simple options for accepting online gifts. The costs are fairly reasonable as well. Our Technology Program also offers an online giving option through Sage Payments. And, of course, the Causes application in Facebook has had some mixed success.

As this recent article from the Christian Science Monitor suggests, every nonprofit should be offering some way for donors to easily and quickly give online. For smaller nonprofits like camps, this is even more important. As the article states, "The Internet also has been a boon for numerous small charities, providing a cost-effective way to reach people. 'It has opened up new channels for a lot of smaller nonprofits with limited budgets to actually make an impact…'"

The younger generation expects an online giving option. The older generation is beginning to prefer online giving. Both appear to be giving more money (per transaction) online than off. It's becoming more clear every day that a nonprofit must be offering this option.

Are you accepting online donations? If so, what tool(s) are you using? How successful has it been?

If not, why not?