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Fundraising pages - another online giving option

As nonprofits try to figure out the optimal way to use the internet to build community and raise money, many options for collecting donations online are becoming available. In a recent blog post, I wrote about some simple options for offering online giving to a nonprofit's constituents. Other nonprofits have taken advantage of more complex options, including fundraising pages. Fundraising pages are basically pages your constituents create themselves that allow them to discuss why they are interested in your cause, recruit additional donors/gifts, and raise money towards a specific goal. They often include some type of "thermometer" to track donations from the page.

One service that offers these fundraising pages is FirstGiving. To hear more about how FirstGiving works, check out this video:



Note that FirstGiving charges 7.35% of each online donation received via their site, so it is one of the more expensive options out there. But if you believe this type of effort would be an effective way to raise money, it may be an option to consider. These fundraising pages are most often used for walks and other types of fundraising events that allow participants to recruit others to sponsor their efforts.

DonorPerfect Online has a similar feature called DonorPages. This functionality can be integrated with your existing DonorPerfect Online system. They charge 2.99% of each donation, plus $0.35 per transaction.

This type of functionality can also be custom-developed and integrated with your website. For example, Spectrum Health has created what they call Team Fundraising pages. These pages allow interested constituents to recruit others to help them raise money for the cause they are interested in.

Have you tried fundraising pages or other more advanced online donations functionality? Has it been successful? Please let us know in the comments below.